One year to go

A year from today the people of Scotland will make a decision on whether they want to create a new nation and gain their independence.

This blog will be unashamedly pro-independence and will advocate a Yes vote in 2014. I hope to publish my own feelings on this historical opportunity, and for this blog to act as a resource for information on the run up to the Scottish Referendum.

If any reader has any links or original contributions they want to share, please send me them and I will publish them here.

My first chance to vote in a national election came in the 1979 Scottish devolution referendum. I voted ‘yes’, along with the majority of voters, but the infamous 40% rule meant that we lost, and had to wait 20 years to gain our parliament.

It is clear to me that if the SNP had gained a mandate at any time since then, this country would be in a far better state. No Thatcher and the use of the huge oil dividend to pay unemployment benefits for the UK. (Scotland must be the only country in the world to discover oil and see the country slide in to poverty and degradation as the oil flows.) No 18 years of being ruled by a Tory party that virtually no-one in the country had voted for. No being led in to interminable foreign wars by a right wing Labour party, as they feted the bankers who slashed and burned the economy. And no Tory/Liberal coalition giving tax breaks to those very same bankers and their ilk while humiliating the poor.

I am not a member of the SNP, though I have voted for them for the past 2 decades. They have helped bring us to the position that we now have the chance to start afresh and build a nation to our specifications, to suit our values and needs. How many countries in the world right now would love the opportunity we now have?

This next year could be the most momentous we have had since the end of the Second World War. Miss this chance, and we will not get another for a generation.


2 thoughts on “One year to go

  1. Brilliant Idea , The more information that can be collated in a blog (like this) both explaining the issues and also debunking the myths the #bettertogether negative campaign has stated is a great idea.
    Well Done.

  2. Still need to find out more, but becoming quite excited at the prospect of a yes vote.

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