Post-Yes Defence Scaremongering

The BBC reports:

‘The UK government believes that establishing a Scottish military in the event of independence would put a substantial burden on public finances.’

Oh no!

‘The claim will appear in the latest Coalition analysis paper prepared by UK civil servants.’

It must be true – coming from an entirely neutral body like the UK civil service.

Project Fear has clearly polished up the adjectives:

‘a substantial burden on public finances’ (note the BBC do not put that in quotes in the heading, though it does later in the article)

Then we get the whining about how difficult it will all be:

‘this would not be an easy process’

‘a costly undertaking’

‘(negotiations) would be difficult’        

‘extremely difficult challenge to overcome’

This how the unionists perceive us – lazy, fearful and stupid.


According to Greenpeace, the upkeep of the system over its 30-year life could run up to £130bn

In June 2010 The Telegraph reported, ‘The cost to British taxpayers of fighting, diplomacy and reconstruction in Afghanistan and Iraq since the 9/11 attacks passed £20 billion, official figures reveal.’  

We in Scotland are good for around 8% of that. So Trident = £4.3bn per year, 8% of which is £346,000,000.

Say roughly £2bn a year for the wars, works out as around £160,000,000 a year.

Add both together, and we get half a billion* saved per year. (We all know that an independent Scotland would be spared the cost of these toys and adventures).

How’s that for ‘a substantial burden on public finances’?

* I am slightly arithmetically challenged, so happy to accept any corrections!






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