Stirling Council Fly The Flag

From The Herald today:

Stirling Council’s Callum Campbell (Con) and Danny Gibson (Lab), members of the authority’s coalition administration, had proposed a motion to “stand up for the symbols of our country”, as well as “the symbols of men and women of Stirling have fought and died under for 300 years”.

Their motion also criticised “the debasing of our symbols”.

This is in Stirling – a city not only an emblem of Scottish Nationhood, but in particular associated in the Scottish mind with the struggle against the English!

But just hours before tonight’s meeting, where the move was expected to be carried by virtue of the administration’s majority, the pair cancelled the motion.

Mr Gibson said the plans were pulled due to “an atmosphere of negativity”, while his Tory colleague said the motion had been undermined by “the vitriolic tone of Nationalists”.

It is hard to add comment to this nonsense, so let’s hear the cooncillors speak:

Mr Gibson, who had seconded the motion, said this afternoon: “We wanted a serious and mature debate about the future of our country, but sadly this is not possible as an atmosphere of negativity has developed. There is much to discuss with regards to Scotland’s place in the UK and the future of our country and the effect this will have on Stirling.”

So Mr Gibson (no relation to Mel Braveheart, I presume) implicitly admits that this whole flag-waving affair is politically motivated – a stunt to push the Unionist case.

We have heard form Labour’s Haudit, let’s give his Tory pal Daudit a chance to speak:

Mr Campbell, who had proposed the motion, said: “This debate has become distracted and undermined by the usual vitriolic tone of debate that Nationalists adopt. Instead of focussing on the successes of the social, economic and political union that are a bond that nationalists want to cast aside, they decided to focus on a minor part of the motion that gets their supporters worked up.”


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