Scottish independence: EU leaders’ secession bias

From The Scotsman:

EUROPEAN Union leaders are downplaying an independent Scotland’s right to EU membership to compel it to join the euro, open its borders and pay more towards the European budget, according to a senior German government adviser.

It has always struck me that the leaders of the EU are being foolish in their offhand and negative attitude to Scottish independence – we are the part of the UK which is broadly pro-Europe – they seem to be happy to stich us up and go fawning over their English Establishment buddies who are at best grudging, and at worst positively hostile to the very idea of the EU.

This is not the most far-sighted of approaches. But back to the article:

A string of European leaders, including EU Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso, Vice-Commissioner Viviane Reding and EU Council president Herman van Rompuy, have all suggested Scotland would need to reapply as a new state if it left the UK.

Dr Vaubel said their position is based on a desire “to renegotiate the terms of Scottish membership”, to bring them into the euro and Schengen borderless-travel area and give up the budget rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher in 1980s.

But he said the European leaders’ arguments have “no basis in the European treaties”.

Not only does it have ‘no basis in the European treaties’, it beggars belief that the EU establishment would put barriers in the way of Scotland being part of the EU. Maybe a kick up the arse from UKIP doing well in next years Euro elections (in England, of course – they couldn’t get arrested for singing The Sash here) will concentrate their collective mind.

Dr Vaubel said International organisations “have a vested interest in centralisation” and “are biased against secession”.

“The legal position taken by Barroso, Reding and van Rompuy has no basis in the European treaties. Nor is there a precedent in EU law. Nor does the UN Charter envisage dispositions with regard to secession.

“The treaties are also consistent with automatic succession of both the seceding state and the rump state.”


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