Ayrshire Referendum Q&A Meeting

Not long back from the Ayrshire Referendum Q&A Meeting at the racecourse in Ayr tonight, just a few minutes walk from where I live.

There were some diabolical sound problems – I’m an AV technician and found the poor sound quite frustrating. If the venue was supplying the PA, they should get their money back. Anyway – that apart it was a very interesting meeting, with some excellent talks from the Yes Campaign’s Chief Executive Blair Jenkins, Jeane Freeman from Women for Independence, and from Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, founding member of Business for Scotland. Local SNP councillor Corraine Wilson was the MC (if that’s the right term).

I was recording the event on a digital recorder, and may be able to sort out some of the audio problems.

All the panel were very good and thought-provoking, though I have to say Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp’s presentation – an economists’s take on independence – was brilliantly done, and thoroughly convincing and entertaining. He could be a very effective weapon in the Yes campaign’s armoury and should be encouraged to do this routine as often as possible across the country. Later on Blair jenkins explained how, on the independence scale of 1 – ‘over my dead body’ – to 10 – ‘should have happened yesterday’, it was unlikely you were going to change a 1 to a 10 in one conversation – that it was only a case of moving up the scale. Gordon MacIntytre-Kemp’s presentation could sway a staunch unionist.

Anyhow – my PC is crashing on me, so I will post this and listen to the audio tomorrow and make a fuller post.


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