Grangemouth and Clyde Shipbuilding

Twice in the past couple of weeks Scotland has had a Damoclean sword suspended over two of its most important and strategic industrial giants – Grangemouth, and Clyde shipbuilding. I do not as a rule subscribe to conspiracy theories, but this is getting a wee bit suspicious.

In abusive relationships the bully partner is often very adept at emotional manipulation, backed by the threat of using their power over the victim. A classic scenario is when the bully threatens the victim, or allows them to be threatened, then stays their hand or steps in as a saviour. The victim’s fear is transformed into servile gratitude, and their place in the relationship firmly established. This is exactly what has happened twice in Scotland in a few days.

I don’t know the general feeling about this – I am firmly pro-independence, and see everything through that lens, but others may see things differently. I think that the above scenario has strengthened the case for a Yes vote – it shows the people of Scotland quite clearly how powerless they really are at the hands of the Tory government and vindictive individual industrialists. Surely this would lead people to seek more power for themselves to forestall a similar scenario in the future, or at least to be able to do something to mitigate the effects. In any event, Alex Salmond has certainly come out well and proved himself an effective leader of the country. ‘Leader of the country’ is not a phrase that has previously been often applied to a First Minister, but I think that is what he has gradually become. By establishing this kind of legitimacy, he may be able to lead us to ‘Yes’ vote in September 2014.



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