Willie Rennie, the Alfred E Neuman of Scottish politics, said yesterday:
It is day two of the happy clappy sect – nationalists for the white paper. Starry-eyed optimism. Worshipping the god of positivity. Alex Salmond – the patron saint of blind optimism.’Image

Thank god we do not all see optimism as a fault. And thank god I am not on the same side as that cynical buffoon.

Compare that with Alan Cumming’s inspiring article in today’s National Collective : Believe In The Power of Positivity:

Above all else I am an optimist and I believe in the power of positivity. I really can’t think of any situation, ever, that would have benefitted by more negativity and less hope.

The YES campaign for Scottish independence is, to me, the epitome of hope, optimism and positivity and I believe that independence is best for Scotland. That’s my opinion.





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