Boris Johnson Speaks Sense Shock


From today’s Herald:

At a lunch with journalists at Westminster, he said he had a sticker saying ‘I heart Scotland’ on his car, put there by Strathclyde Police attending the Notting Hill carnival.

“I’m a huge, huge supporter of the union,” he said.

“There will be a union in 50 years time, there is absolutely no doubt about that.”

But, he added: “If I had some sort of small observation to make at the moment about the campaign to keep the union, it is that we English who heart Scotland should be more emphatic about that and stop playing on the kind of ‘You’ll regret it if you go’ thing.

“I think that I would respond badly to being endlessly warned and hectored.

“If I was told there was value in the Union and that it is wonderful thing I think I’d respond better.”

A spokesman for Yes Scotland said: “The fact that even even Boris Johnson is fed up with the No campaign’s relentless scare-mongering speaks volumes.”


YouGov Biased Survey

I get YouGov surveys sent to me by email regularly – everything from what supermarkets I use to political issues of the day. The one I received today was regarding the referendum and Scottish independence. It was shockingly biased. Here is the response I sent to Yougov about the questionnaire:

Some of the Qs seem designed to elicit a hoped-for response. e.g.’Is the Scottish govt spending too much on the referendum’? Come on! What do you expect the response to be to such a question in today’s climate?

The Q – ‘When Alex Salmond and the Scottish Government launched their White Paper on independence one of the main reasons they offered for voting to become independent from the United Kingdom was that childcare could be improved. However, Alex Salmond is already responsible for provision of childcare which is devolved to the Scottish Parliament.’ is particularly egregious:

1 – Why the several mentions of Alex Salmond in the Q and answers? There is no need to personalise this.

2 – This Q is based on a unionist manufactured controversy – the issue is much more subtle than this – the Scottish govt has the power to deliver better child care at the moment, but the present constitutional arrangement mean the financial benefits of this, which will pay for it, will all go to the UK exchequer, not stay in the country as it would on independence. Should we expect a future Q – ‘when did you stop beating your wife?’

Also – the Q about the last Scottish election could perhaps have mentioned that you are talking about the election on ‘Thursday May 5th’ was in fact in 2011.

I find this whole questionnaire poorly worded and clearly biased.