Dark days

As my legions of faithful blog readers will have noticed, I have had a break since before Christmas. I start the blog again, here in what must be dark days for the Yes campaign. It began with Mark Cairney’s remarks a couple of weeks ago about the pound. We now have the treasury, Osbourne, and Labour and the Liberals all stymying any kind of sharing of the pound.

I think this has been pretty devastating for the Yes campaign as it stands. I personally think that we should have our own currency, but realise that the SNP’s softly-softly approach, let’s not frighten the horses and keep as much of the trappings of the UK as we can is a valid approach. The economy is always going to be at the top of the list of concerns to voters, and people are usually conservative when it comes to the money they have in the bank, or tied up in their house, or in their wage (if you are lucky to have all three or not).

What should we do? Nicola Sturgeon is doing sterling (fnaar) work in insisting that it is in the interest of rUK to have a monetary union with Scotland, and that, after a Yes vote, they will sit down and agree, but they only have to say again and again that they won’t.



People will not be convinced. If they are unconvinced they will opt for the status quo.

I am waiting with hope and trepidation for the first polls to appear after these interventions.

Maybe it’s time to change what’s on offer and go for our own currency. This would make the SNP leadership lose credibility. Maybe it’s time to try to separate the Yes campaign from the SNP. The decision to go for currency union is the SNP’s – the Yes campaign is bigger than the SNP. If Alex Salmond has to lose face by changing tack at this late stage, so be it.

Something has to be done, as these past few weeks may be looked back at as being the time when we lost.



Just watched Alex Salmond on Newsnight. He was in good form, but fell short of the ‘knock it out of the park’ response we need.

Kirsty Wark is becoming a liability for the BBC – she cannot help but be a bit of a cow when she interviews Alex Salmond. Tonight she excelled herself in the shabby way she treated the First Minister.


One thought on “Dark days

  1. Tricia McCrindle

    Impressed with Patrick Harvie from Green Party. He thinks we should have our own currency.

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