Georgian Folly

ImageMad George revisits his paranoid ravings of the previous week, as a dog returneth to his vomit. He is mostly concerned, however, by how nasty people have been nasty to him:

Many people have taken me to task. I was called scum and vermin and a pestilential parasite, among other things. But I won’t be shouted down by these people.”

Good for you, George! However, I strongly advise that you avoid this new-fangled internet thing, because it is absolutely full of rude people swearing and being frightful to each other. For every kitten video there is a vicious knife-argument between sworn adversaries (and usually in the same page in the comments section). Avoid Nicola Sturgeon too, whose response to your bletherings so ‘shocked’ you:

Not once did I hear her engage on the material point I made. Instead, the well-worn Scottish National Party tactic of distraction was deployed and the response to my speech focused largely on one word and a handful of other sentences.”

She didn’t engage on a material point, because there weren’t any. Robertson’s speech was all about others – how will England manage without us keeping their nuclear weapons for them? How will NATO manage? How will George’s mates manage – those who ‘universally and unanimously… say they don’t want Britain to break up‘.

George, we don’t care what your BFFs – the gold-braided Admirals and Chiefs of Staff – think – this week they gave their pronouncements directly to us from on high.

None of those people is ­paranoid. None of them is anti-Scottish. They are not opposed to self-determination.

Except for Scotland.”

(Sorry, made that last sentence up, but I think I kept the flavour of the argument.)


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