From today’s Huffington Post :

Ed Miliband has been warned by one of his earliest supporters that voters in the South of England do not think Labour understands them and that this will make it increasingly difficult for the party to win elections.

John Denham, the Labour MP for Southampton Itchen, said on Wednesday evening that the party was “not on the agenda for most southern voters”. And he pleaded with his Labour colleagues to stop talking about a “North/South divide” because it irritated people South of London.”


This is why Labour will not and cannot be representative of the Scottish electorate. As Denham knows, the south of England will always be the main prize in any UK general election, and policies will always have to be tailored to suit their needs. The north of England, never mind Scotland, will always be the poor relatives.

He goes on:

The first thing Labour has got to do, we have to stop comparing the South to everywhere else. Despite my best efforts many of my party colleagues insist on talking about a North/South divide. It’s one of the problems we have in winning support for Labour in the South.”


At no point in talking about the next general election is Scotland mentioned, or the possibility that the UK will not even exist come the election.


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