Jon Snow ‘The visceral hatred of Westminister politics’


Jon Snow’s Blog discusses the independence debate:

Having just spent a week in first the Western Isles, and second in Glasgow, hatred of Westminster is by far the most dominant factor in people who told me they were voting yes to Scottish independence. The theme was constantly repeated to me. For some, voting Yes is a long deep seated desire for an independent Scotland. But for far more it seems to be a relatively recent desire to have nothing to do with what so many spoke of as “the sleaze, dishonesty, and self-serving London-centric politics of Westminster”.


It is remarkable how much this has come to be the driving force, and main argument in the campaign – it is something which has developed during the campaign, and seems to be attracting people to our side. It is not just about independence, it is about what we can do to change the Westminster paradigm – but more, it is about getting the chance to re-shape our society in general, and in particular the shocking levels of inequality and unfairness which have been allowed to develop. As anyone with any sense knows – if you are looking for real change in this society, independence is the only game in town. Even if we lose the referendum, the debate will go on in Scotland – we are just starting to feel our power.

Jon goes on:


I have come away from Scotland deeply impressed by the high quality of debate, and the relatively low quality of many of the arguments put forward by the No campaign. I’m equally impressed by the range and quality of people who constantly surprised me by their commitment – often recently determined, to vote yes. My sense too is that where the vote on Scottish independence is concerned, Westminster politicians just don’t get it.”


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