Bye, Darling – Hello, Alexander!


Apparently, Alistair Darling has been sidelined, amid frustration and concern at the steady pace at which the Yes campaign has been munching up their early lead.Some would argue that’s unfair – the situation isn’t as grim as it seems, or Darling isn’t responsible for the problems – while others would greet his removal as overdue, after months of being out-glitzed by Alex Salmond. Whether you think it wise or stupid to change the leader of Better Together, few are likely to applaud the decision to replace Darling with Douglas Alexander.Yes, that’s right – the same Douglas Alexander with a reputation for stuffing up every campaign he has been in charge of, the same Douglas Alexander who runs the Labour election strategy which yesterday saw the party fall behind in the polls for the first time in two years.”

Alexander was the head of the 2010 election campaign for Gordon Brown, so some good form there. As Scottish Secretary he was also in charge of the 2007 Scottish election fiasco – the one with the crazy design which led to 140.000 spoiled ballot papers.

Way to go, Dougie!


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