Thug Life

Watch the first half of this video featuring the truly awful Neil Findlay MSP. I have never come across this bozo before, but he is a piece of work. It is encouraging when your opponents are so bereft of argument, so ridiculous, but he approaches the pantomime villain in his egregiousness. Yes, missus, I did say egregiousness.
He epitomises everything that is wrong with the Labour party – in the UK, and in Scotland in particular. He has nothing of substance to say. He has no bottom of serious political integrity. He spreads lies and misinformation with joyous abandon and thug-like single-mindedness. He is like Malcolm Tucker’s fellow Scotsman in The Thick of It – the one who is even more of a psycho than Tucker himself – but without the wit, intelligence or likeability. He will go far in today’s Scottish Labour Party.


To Me

BlCOlgOCMAAmpW6From the BBC:

Joyously, hundreds more celebrities voiced their opinion on the referendum this week.

Up-and-coming rock musician Sir Mick Jagger was among 200 public figures who signed a letter urging Scotland to vote “No”.

On the other side, supporters of independence include Sir Sean Connery, actor Brian Cox and novelist Irvine Welsh.

As always, the calm voice of reason came from Barry Chuckle of the Chuckle Brothers, who tweeted: “I leave it up to the Scots to decide.”

Animal Farm

animal farm

I watched the Scottish parliament on BBC Parliament this afternoon debating the Economic Opportunities of Independence Debate. I caught Michael Russell talking about child poverty and the removal of Trident. The camera ranged from the Labour to the Tory benches to show their members hooting with laughter and jeering with derision. What have the Labour Party come to? They can openly laugh at the effrontery of the people of Scotland getting rid of the obscenity of weapons of mass destruction and having the audacity to plan to do something about child poverty in our country instead of slavishly following the planned Tory cuts, as Labour have pledged to do in the unlikely event of Ed getting the keys to No. 10 when they get their turn on the swing.

As I watched the camera moving from Tory to Labour bench, I was reminded of the passage at the end of George Orwell’s Animal Farm:

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

Back for the Endgame

Hello again to all my myriads of avid readers. After receiving precisely 0 mails begging, nay demanding I post more to the blog, I have returned.

I have not been lazy these past weeks. It seemed a better use of my resources to take part in comment discussions on various news sites – The Guardian, Huffington Post etc – where at least 1 or 2 people might get to read it, instead of the pretty much zero views garnered from this blob. It is all about getting votes, and engaging in discussion in the hope of changing someone’s mind, particularly at this late stage.

Even after the scrappy Salmond/Darling debate, the slightly worrying polls, and the relentless unionist bulldozer of the past week or so, I am getting more optimistic. The love-bombing/planet fear combination is like an abusive spouse slapping their partner then giving them a hug and apologising for what we made them do. I think it could spectacularly backfire.

English Is Ours, Says England


Ed Milliband, the Wrong Brother and Leader of the Labour party has dealt another blow to the Yes Campaign.

Yesterday at the Royal Linguistics Society Annual Conference he said:

In the event of a Yes vote in the independence referendum, Scotland will not be able to use the English language. I want to make this very clear, and this will be a manifesto commitment, along with keeping all the austerity cuts that the Tories were planning and committing ourselves to another 50 years of Trident.

‘We may put in some crap about helping the poor after the shite we and the Tories have left them in – we’ll see if we can be arsed.”

He was asked if this could be construed as a threat against the very people who have built and maintained the political party he is leader of. He said:

I don’t give two fucks about them.”

Keir Hardie was unavailable for comment.