Back for the Endgame

Hello again to all my myriads of avid readers. After receiving precisely 0 mails begging, nay demanding I post more to the blog, I have returned.

I have not been lazy these past weeks. It seemed a better use of my resources to take part in comment discussions on various news sites – The Guardian, Huffington Post etc – where at least 1 or 2 people might get to read it, instead of the pretty much zero views garnered from this blob. It is all about getting votes, and engaging in discussion in the hope of changing someone’s mind, particularly at this late stage.

Even after the scrappy Salmond/Darling debate, the slightly worrying polls, and the relentless unionist bulldozer of the past week or so, I am getting more optimistic. The love-bombing/planet fear combination is like an abusive spouse slapping their partner then giving them a hug and apologising for what we made them do. I think it could spectacularly backfire.


One thought on “Back for the Endgame

  1. Tricia McCrindle

    Hurrah for our favourite blogger.

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