Thug Life

Watch the first half of this video featuring the truly awful Neil Findlay MSP. I have never come across this bozo before, but he is a piece of work. It is encouraging when your opponents are so bereft of argument, so ridiculous, but he approaches the pantomime villain in his egregiousness. Yes, missus, I did say egregiousness.
He epitomises everything that is wrong with the Labour party – in the UK, and in Scotland in particular. He has nothing of substance to say. He has no bottom of serious political integrity. He spreads lies and misinformation with joyous abandon and thug-like single-mindedness. He is like Malcolm Tucker’s fellow Scotsman in The Thick of It – the one who is even more of a psycho than Tucker himself – but without the wit, intelligence or likeability. He will go far in today’s Scottish Labour Party.


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