Project Fear 2.0

cap502mBetter Together, hand in hand and tongue in mouth with the media, is going for a new tactic at this final stage of the campaign – Project Fear 2.0. This time it is not the currency or em… sorry, what other arguments did they have again? It is fear of physical assault. The narrative is that the Yes campaigners are at heart Brown-Shirts who love nothing better than a vicious street-fight after a night in the beer-kellar singing Tomorrow Belongs To Me. An egg is thrown at a politician? Why, such a thing has never happened in any election ever, apart from every fucking one. But these are Separatist eggs – take your fucking head off they would. If only we had those nice cybernats back – they could be nasty, with their arguments, and sarcasm and stuff, but at least they didn’t nail your fucking head to the floor.
This from The Independent today:

Today a senior source on the No campaign claimed that the nationalists’ aggressive tactics would frighten voters away from polling stations. “We are worried that there is going to be absolute carnage,”

And an Orange Walk to come…


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